Rotax 912 S / ULS (100hp)


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In comparison to the 80 hp version of the Rotax 912 series the 100 hp product line offers more power while keeping the weight. This engine series offers a time between overhauls of 2.000 hrs and the best power to weight ratio in its class – no surprise that this engine is the best selling 4-stroke engine. This series is available as non-certified (Rotax 912 ULS) and certified engine (Rotax 912 S) according to FAR33.


  1. 4-cylinder
  2. 4-stroke liquid/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders
  3. dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank
  4. 2 carburetors
  5. mechanical fuel pump
  6. dual-electronic ignition
  7. electric starter
  8. propeller speed reduction unit
  9. air intake system
912ULS2-BASERotax 912ULS 2, 100Hp non-certifed engien with slipper clutch and large starter£16038.00
9-FRAMEWEngine suspension frame 912A/912F/912UL/912S/912ULS£578.33
9-VACWDrive for vacuum pump£414.25
9-SLIPWSlipper clutch (only available as add on for 912UL and 914UL, standard on others)£521.47
9-MECHWMechancial drive - NOT available for 9-iS/9-iSc£141.33
9-BAFFLWair guide baffle (975795)£376.89
9-HDSWHigh duty starter (only available for 912A/F/UL)£139.71
9-XSSW912S/ULS with standard started (normally fitted with HD)£60.07
9-FLINEWPre-fitted fuel lines only for 912UL/912A/912ULS£437.00
9-FPiSWStandard 912iS/912iSc fuel pump£729.41
9-EXSTWExhaust system complete (973387) mounted£1003.95
9-AIRBOXWAirbox/driptray option for 912A/912F/912UL/912S/912ULS only£729.41
9-FRAMEWEngine suspension frame 912A/912F/912UL/912S/912ULS£578.33
9-FRAMEiSWEngine suspension frame for 912iS/912iSc£324.90
9-GB3SLIPWType 3 gearbox with slipper clutch (912UL/914UL)£1592.03
9-GB3WType 3 gearbox (912A/912F/912S/912ULS/912iS/912iSc)£1077.06