Rotax 582 Mod. 99 (65hp)


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Rotax 582 Mod. 99 (65hp)


Over 30.000 units of this popular Rotax 2-stroke engine have been sold. This engine type is well regarded for its easy maintenance and robustness.


  1. 2-cylinder
  2. 2-stroke liquid cooled engine with rotary valve intake
  3. dual electronic ignition
  4. integrated water pump and thermostat
  5. exhaust system
  6. carburetors
  7. electric starter
  8. propeller speed reduction unit
582-99-BASERotax 582, 65hp, 2 cylinder, 2 stroke engine with rewind starter, without gearbox£4490.64
881632582 Exhaust system ordered with engine£313.63
881636582 Exhaust system ordered with engine£263.74
582-B-2.58582 B box 2.58£620.14
582-E-2.62582 E box 2.62£1525.39
582-E-3.0582 E box 3.0£1525.39
582-E-3.47582 E box 3.47£1525.39
582-E-4.0582 E box 4.0£1525.39


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